Monday, October 04, 2010

Blog sweep

I spent the weekend away with Live life and we had a smashing time. Simon came to teach and we were challenged and blessed- some of the material he taught is in More which is a great read.

Simon spoke about Smith Wigglesworth and if you want to know more about him I read this last year.

His first session was on the bible. You might want to get hold of Rick Warren's Bible Study Methods or How to read the bible for all it's worth and here is a good post of resources. Passion for the word was birthed afresh in many of us.

A friend emailed me about The Tangible Kingdom: Creating incarnational community which Mclaren and Driscoll both recommend (interesting in itself) and he says he has scribbled all over his copy.  Seems like one to read.

Hyatt on how to retain what you read.

I had a laugh with a friend about powerpoint and here is a post about Really bad powerpoint.

Some thought provoking Malcolm Gladwell.

Packer on what inerrancy is not.

Driscoll on youth and asking the question 'Are you destroying your church?'.

An interesting thought on fruitfulness

A case for the institutional church.

Finally the pope on being generous

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