Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Magic Numbers

Last night I went to see the Magic Numbers at Shepherds Bush (I didn't know who they were either) My friends got me a ticket. Anyway it made for a rather jolly night. We left speedily at the end so that my friend could get back to work on his presentation about 'Leveraging capital structures for Hedge Fund Buy-outs'. Seriously, I really am not making that up.

I am in danger of boring you about Romans but in the car last night I listened to Part 2 and the Robin Gamble line about the toothpaste nearly made me crash my car I was laughing so much. You'll have to listen to find out. A tremendous sermon on the meaning of 'the Gospel.' I will eat my hat if Simon gets through this letter in only a year.

I have started reading Hybels new book called God Whispers.

In this amazing talk that I have been banging on about to anyone who will listen Francis Chan mentions the questions he asks before he preaches and teaches. Rather annoyingly he only mentioned two of seven. Here is the full list. 

I am doing a funeral today. I heard recently of a humanist funeral where the man leading it at the committal said this, "And now [long pause]....we come to the tricky bit"

Tricky indeed.

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