Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Culture watch

I glanced at the Telegraph today.

"Religion is largely irrelevant to most young people, who rely instead on a 'secular trinity' of themselves, their family and friends to give meaning to their lives.....The findings are contained in a new book, 'The faith of Generation Y. (those born after 1982)

"It is undoubtedly the case that the Christian memory is very faint and in many respects Generation Y are a largely unstoried and memoryless generation"

From the front page today's Daily Telegraph

There is also a fascinating article on infidelity websites by Celia Walden that made her feel 'distinctly grubby'.

Also 'Sex, teenagers and porn' on Radio 4 yesterday was 'remarkable' according to the review. Did you know 8 year olds wear things called 'shag bands'? Whatever next. I guess it is on iplayer and sounds like it might be an education for all of us.

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