Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bits and bobs

I enjoyed the thought that what you complain about is what you're gifted in.

I drove to Salisbury listening to this and loved working out whether I was more Mary or Martha. Super preaching.

Keith Green said some challenging things and here is an interesting essay about him and the Trinity.

A good challenge to leaders about areas of deafness.

As I am in the midst of the usual Alpha questions the Little Black Books look interesting.

And I love this about a bit of technology you must not miss out on called The Bio Optical Organised Knowledge Device

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Anonymous said...

I saw a Kindle yesterday and it looks fascinating. But how about 'Book'! Amazing device.
Also listened to a radio programme on Faustus where people said that the story prevails because of the devil.
What is the fascination with him?

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