Monday, September 20, 2010

Time out

Well, I have returned and it has been good not to blog for a while.

I lost my mobile on Friday and whilst initially being annoyed I eventually concluded that it really doesn't matter. This was a profound moment for me. My phone is only a phone. Children being swept away in a flood in Pakistan or a nation of fatherless children that is something do get in a flap about, but not a mobile phone. It is only a phone.

I have been doing a bit of reading and have worked my way through Leading on Empty. It is too early to share the impact but it has given me plenty to reflect on.

I also read recently the latest volume of Adrian Mole who has been like a faithful hapless friend to me down the years. Is it possible to write a funny book about cancer? This, as with all the others, made me laugh out loud.

I went to stay with some wonderful friends who continually bless me. One way they do this is though food. They cook better than anyone else I know. Their latest favourite cookbooks are Casa Moro and Ottlolengi if you are in need of a new culinary avenue.

Despite my brief liberation from phone intrusion I leave you now to continue shouting at Vodaphone. This is I suppose, in it's own way, a liberation of sorts:)

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