Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday musing

I went to see a pal and because I still have no iphone I listened to a tape in my car (yes my car is that old!) It was some truly brilliant teaching on Covenant by Mike Breem which is worth getting hold of.

I am excited about our Live Life weekend and my pal Simon is coming to preach. A lady at church put me on to what has come to be known as the Butchers Sermon and reading it moved me and it is worth taking some time to reflect on.

Last night, Tim a Vicar and a friend to our church preached on the lost sheep. I have never really seen the verse about the shoulders. I had missed this and seeing it is to see grace and the gospel. Why not reread Luke 15. If you want more about shepherds then there is no better place than reading Phillip Keller's books (no relation to Tim!)

Someone mentioned a book called Megashift to me. Anyone read it or heard of it?

A Vicar pal enjoyed listening to Finding Happiness which teaches on the spiritual disciplines.

How did I manage to miss Tom Waits? I was driving along listening to Radio 2 and a man on the albums of your life slot was so passionate about Closing Time (he used the word 'evangelist') that I will have to explore more. The song they played was hauntingly beautiful.

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Anita Mathias said...

The Butcher's Sermon was from my blog, and I am so glad you liked it. I blog the best sermons at church, so that they can reach a wider readership. Glad to see this has.

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