Saturday, September 04, 2010

Culture watch

I went to the cinema which I have done many times and the ads are of a type. This was very different and highly original (it is a wee bit racy- you have been warned- click at your own discretion but the reality is 14 years olds are watching this at the cinema as we speak). I enjoyed the way it tells a story. My friend having watched this texted me saying -"I am off to the pub for an Esrtrella!" :)  Now, I don't want to cause you to stumble but I do want you to see what our culture is telling us. Reading The Radical Reformission helped me look at culture, evangelism and what's going on in a completely fresh way and is essential reading.

Of course, behind this ad are all the usual manipulations but then again that's exactly the point. It's selling a lie but doing it very convincingly. That's what clever advertising does.

Lie: If you drink this beer you will holiday with two beautiful women and live the dream

Truth: If you drink this beer you will be sick on Kingston high street coming out of a nightclub and go home alone cold in the drizzle with a kebab in your hand as you usually do.

The song is great though and if you were wondering it's Billy the Vision and the Dancers Summer Cat.

Also it reminds me 1. The summer is nearly over :( and 2. My youth has slipped away.

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