Monday, February 09, 2009

You might be wrong.

I did an assembly this morning on the subject of letters. Reading the extraordinary Heart of a servant leader and receiving an encouraging letter from my friend Kaarina in Armenia reminded me what a blessing letters are. I am resolved to write a few more letters.

In my search for interesting letters I happened upon this written by Lincoln to Ulysses Grant. It has the wonderful and humble admission in the last sentence:

"....I now wish to make the personal acknowledgment that you were right, and I was wrong"

Now, you don't see that sort of line from a leader very often. 


Anonymous said...

Thinking similar thoughts today. I attended a 'thinking outside the box' seminar yesterday where the speaker said that he was reading nt wright who said that he was most likely 50% wrong about what he was writing. In the light of that the speaker announced that his ideas were probably more like 60% wrong. Refreshingly undefended. However rather like a dog whose been told that more than half the pedigree chum in his bowl is contaminated it takes a fine sense of smell to work out what to eat and and what to leave. Im afraid this puppy gobbled the whole lot up. We will see what happens next.

David Cooke said...

Thanks for this. Knowing you are wrong and actually learning something from it may be rather different things. I will continue to 'thinking outside the box' on this and hope the seminar has enabled you to do so!!! We love a seminar...