Friday, February 20, 2009

Culture Making


I discovered Culture Making when it was voted the Christianity Today book of 2008 and Kingdom People picked this as one of his books of the year.

Christians talk a lot these days about 'engaging culture' or 'transforming' it. But is that really possible? The age old question of whether followers of Jesus should be contextual or different. How are we to navigate our way through all this?

This answer is with this book! Crouch's wonderful definition is culture is what we make of the world which has replaced my old best which was from Stanley Grenz ...'the way we do things around here'. I prefer Crouch's lack of passivity.

There are too many things I liked in this book. The observations on how Christians so often object to culture ineffectually-the Da Vinci Code- for example, was brilliant. The chapter on grace is beautiful and the idea which forms the books conclusion of the 3;12;120 is an idea that will percolate with me. I felt when reading it that this was really significant stuff.

This is a book to pass on to others. We have a wonderful musician and artist who has just joined our Church who, as I was reading, I thought must read this book. You will have similar folk you know.

Kingdom People has interviewed Crouch  and you might like to check out his blog.

Talking of culture, I am just loving this album.

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