Monday, December 04, 2017

Work advice

I spend quite a bit of time chatting to people about their work and careers. I enjoy this and feel I have a little to contribute as I have had what some term 'a proper job' before becoming a Vicar.  However, I am bluntly aware that the work place I left aged 35 is now so very different and the idea of a 'career' is for most a pipe-dream.  So how do you navigate such an uncertain future and how do you make a plan with such a variety of options?

Seth Godin is one person who helps me stay connected to 'the workplace' and to the world of ideas and marketing in which I once worked. His post 'Reading at Work' has a list of twenty books he thinks we should all be taking a look at and making time to read with colleagues at work.

I've put 'The True Believer' on my Christmas list.

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