Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday musing

1.  Our second son will have arrived by the end of the day. 

2.  ‘This is in fact the thrust of the gospel: it is Christ’s work that saves, not yours’

Gospel wakefulness, 27

3. Another Jared Wilson on my radar is his latest ‘Imperfect disciple’. 101 reviews on Amazon. 

4. My grieving friend has been listening to and blessed by Cory Ashbury’s ‘Reckless love’

5. The dance, during our Family Carols, made me weep. My friend told me to ‘man-up’. Tears really are ok. 

6. Mrs C lent over to me during church yesterday and whispered ‘God’s word this Christmas is that he’s come to make his home among us and he’s calling each of us home’

7. Our son, given the choice of a baby brother or a Paw Patrol car, would find it a hard call. Fortunately, he’s going to get both. 

8. Debbie McGee should have won Strickly. 

9. Yesterday we sang: ‘He didn’t want heaven without us so he brought heaven down’

10. I’ve developed a liking for the Cadbury’s mini roll. What a magnificent culinary invention. 

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