Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Is that a glory cloud?

As I may have mentioned a Vicar pal sent me a link to a discussion about 'a glory cloud' that appears periodically in a church the other side of the pond. He's been very taken with the whole idea and has been willing his own 'glory cloud' to settle over his gently declining church of 70. It was 120 before he brought his powerful anointing to bear on things.

Anyway, the other morning he was leading worship and quite amazingly he saw a cloud coming through the open doors at the back of his sea facing church and he thought- finally it's happening! It was only once the 'glory cloud' got nearer to him and began to smell of sausages that he realized instead of a 'glory cloud' it was in fact his youth worker barbecuing below.

Undaunted, he waits on patiently for the glory to fall......

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