Saturday, March 05, 2016

Saturday blog-sweep

Time to back pedal

The secrets I have learned from 30 years of church planting

Good faith

A clean well-lighted place

How to sustain long-term ministry

Lessons from a hospital bed

The Dowager's best lines


Anonymous said...

Cookie - great to see you at nlc this week - Thanks for this week's list

I think "Time to Back Pedal" is an outstanding piece - challenging, prophetic and wise - we need to talk more like this
among ourselves - and To ourselves! I think your oft returned to theme "finishing well" is critical - too many of our peers have gone!
Richard's reference to Gideon's Ephod was brilliant and profound - Gideon feeling he had an entitlement from others/God for leading Israel - and that sense of entitlement becoming the snare. Such a good insight. May God have mercy on us.

Anglican divine, Bp Jeremy Taylor 'it is honour enough to serve such a prince, to wait at such a table, to be stewards of such a family'

David Cooke said...

Loved seeing you.

Richard writes very well and I really enjoyed this piece. As you say, it speaks right into lots I have been thinking about re:finishing strong.