Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Down time

I have a cold and I'm rather tired but thankfully have Sunday off which will be a timely break for the family.

1. It's nice to get a bit of advice from a pastor who has been at it longer than me.

2. I revisited a quote from 'Leading on Empty' I had written in a 2010 journal that is now in my sermon for when I return from holiday. It's a book with a lot of wisdom to share.

3. I can't remember where I read it but someone advised that if you read books a chapter at a time leaving a book mark in each one you get more read. I am finding this to be helpful. I read the first chapter of 'Jesus Continued: Why the Spirit inside you is better than the Spirit beside you' which encouraged me, A quote from it:

''We all see problems in the church. We don't need another book to point those out. We need the faith to believe that the solution is really quite simple. The Holy Spirit." Francis Chan

4, I put a friend on to the sermon 'The centrality of the gospel' and he is finding it a great way into comprehending grace. He tells me he keeps returning to it. It's part of the Rise series which Mrs C and I have been falling asleep listening to over the past few weeks.

5. Did you know William Carey's missionary text was Is 54:2-3?

6. Here is Keller on 'Why Culture Matters' which is worth 20 mins.

7. I appreciated Darryl on small things.

8. Darryl's post reminded me of a friend who is being blessed by 'Staying is the new going' which they tell me I recommended here.

9. A friend arrived at our Easter lunch with this which Mrs C and I are now reading before we slump into slumber.

10. Line of Duty has a cracking opening episode.

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