Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday bits and bobs

1. Mark Batterson was worth the four hour drive north. His talks were helpful and came at a good time for me. Session 1 on prayer was especially stirring yet very simple (Dick Lucas would say he wiggles his bum too long on the tee so start at 13 mins). While you are on the site- Nicky Gumbel's talk was profound and full of humility.

2. Darryl says this book is 'worth four dozen self-help books'.

3. A friend has been really blessed listening to Judah Smith Music Project . It's sermon nuggets set to music which sounds weird but is powerful. 'Jesus is loving Barabbas' is one for Holy Week.

4. I am slowly reading about being a more healthy leader

5. I've been mulling on the word 'Wow'

6. 'The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision' Helen Keller quoted in 'If' (Page 131)

7. A pal is taking his church through 'For the life of the world' having read about it here. That encouraged me and so does he. He tells me it's brilliant.

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