Monday, June 30, 2014

Monday musing

Yesterday was a long day but a good one. It started with some Jillian and then a cheery sermon on murder. A great lunch planning some new things for the autumn, a good time of prayer with a small crowd and then a trip to HTB with a few folk.

We listened to Nicky Lee speak from Colossians 3 on forging good relationships. It was really excellent and grounded teaching which I will 'For the pod' when it is posted.

HTB are planting in Bournemouth and in East London. Do get in touch with Tim or Phil if you know folk who you think might like to be involved or live close.

I enjoyed reading 'The 4 Marks of Discipleship'

Talking of discipleship, someone on our Alpha team gave a guest 'Crazy love' to read -start radical I say! (Tim Challies shares his thoughts on it in his 'Bestsellers' series).

David Stroud spoke last week at an event HT Barnes attended (without me as I was on MoM) and he quoted a stat that on Sunday 50% of the churches in the UK will have no teenagers attending their services. Does anyone know where the data comes from?

My copy of 'If God then what?' has arrived.

Ru who is part of our merry band here is putting on Reboot- a youth apologetics event. If you have teenagers in your church then do recommend it to them (and their friends)

Here is an update from the Bishops on human sexuality who are also in a bit of soup about Wonga. If we think Wonga is wrong then the clergy should surely take it on the chin and have even less of a minuscule pension. At least it will be rather more ethically sound minuscule pension?

I enjoyed Ben Armett's thoughts on the internet.

Do scan these 30 Leadership Tweets- one may catch your eye and heart and help you lead better.

Watching Borgen is a good lesson in not putting your work before your marriage. Great series.

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