Friday, June 13, 2014

Four runs

Yesterday, I went on my annual pilgrimage to Lords. My pal is an MCC member (about to celebrate his 50th year which apparently gets you a special tie) and we chatted, drank a glass, watched a century from Root and caught up on life and God and friendship. Joyous.

I came home for the Prayer Course which we are running in our home and we all grappled with the question of unanswered prayer. If you struggle with this -so many have recommended 'God on Mute' to me.

A friend said to check out this talk and it's possibly one if you have a conflict or a relationship that seems to have gone sour and needs reconciling.

Another friend sent me a text saying this.

'Read [Peterson 'Under and unpredictable plant'] Ch 4. 'Finding the road to Nineveh'.  P. 138 Spiritual growth vs religious cancer especially.'

I read it this afternoon.

Someone is off the see a wedding dress exhibition which might be fun (if you like a wedding dresses that is). I am not sure I am exactly the target market.

We have a church film night watching this and I am worrying that it has a few rude bits which of course I failed to remember when I suggested it. I loved it so much- it caught me at just the right time. A film to watch as Father's Day approaches. 

This talk called Quenched (3/23/14) really blessed me

We have Toby coming to preach on Sunday which will be fun.

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