Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday thoughts

I spent the morning in a 2 Michelin star kitchen this week and will shortly post on what I learnt about discipleship through it. I washed the potatoes which, though I say it myself, I did quite a good job on.

I listened to the testimony of Mark Stevens who came to speak at our joint churches prayer meeting. He used to be in Neighbours back in the day when I used to watch such things. Apparently he was adopted into the Robinson family.

Talking of watching things Pastor John is not a fan of Game of Thrones.

I am really enjoying Facing Leviathan.

Love this story simply called 'My shepherd'.

I spent the morning with a crowd of pastors from Kingsgate and was much encouraged and blessed. They are a South African pentecostal church plant in Kingston and are brimming with passion and youthful energy. An inspiring and truly refreshing time.

Two people have spoken of how much they are enjoying reading 'In a pit with a lion on a snowy day' which I recommended here a few years ago.

I have convinced Mrs C to try watching a Danish political drama called Borgen (she is put off by the thought of both the Danish and the political bits of this idea but happily is quite enjoying it so far)

I have started a new fitness regime but I am not yet ready to reveal to blog readers what it is. It does involve using two tins of baked beans as hand weights because I am too mean to buy any.

This weekend I am preaching about adultery.

Week five of the prayer course was on hearing God and was brilliant.

Nicky's been hanging out with the Pope.

Toby preached to us last Sunday and you can listen to his excellent sermon here.

The film Belle is on Mrs C's radar, it being a costume period drama n'all, and she has not been put off by my pointing her to its poor review in the Spectator.

A number of pals are doing Guess my age? I am 42. Hilariously, my wife has come out as 47 which she is most disturbed by given that in real years she is a decade younger than I!

Men on Mountains is coming around again.

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