Wednesday, June 11, 2014


What do you make of dancing?

What about the idea of a church that dances?

We recently brought three churches in Barnes together for a Barn Dance. We ate food, we danced and we got to know each other. It was terrific fun.

Yesterday, I went to see Jimmy's Hall and it too was about church and dancing (and Irish politics). The local priest was none too keen on the dancing and in fact he did all he could to stop it.

Why is it that so often religious people hate dancing? Remember in Footloose when Kevin Bacon quotes Ecclesiastes.

Then today I watched a great rendition of Happy by Elevation Church and two thirds of the way through what happens?

You guessed it - dancing.

People have always had trouble with dancing since David danced into Jerusalem, much to the chagrin of his Mrs.

On Monday, we learnt than my Diocese is in something of a crisis. Two thirds of the churches are unable to cover the costs of their pastor and depend on the other third for support and an increasing number are unable to cover their parish share.

Cuts are a coming.

Just a thought.

Maybe we should try a bit more dancing?


Did I mention I wrote something called 'Why plant churches?'

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