Monday, November 11, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. Trust the guys in the field

2. Breakfast and Cycling

3. I laid my ten page sermon aside and showed this in church. Someone became a follower of Jesus.

4. Christians and the Sabbath introducing Andy Crouch's new book (which may be my next read)

5. A friend asked a Vicar with a large library"What's the best book outside the Bible you've ever read?" This was his answer.

6. Productivity for pastors

7. Why C S Lewis remains so read 50 years after he died.

8. 6 reasons for expository preaching and I've been reading a few chapters in this book to work on/ improve my preaching.

9. This essay has been around for ages but made me laugh out loud.

10. This is a WONDERFUL story and also this is now on our fridge.

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