Thursday, November 14, 2013

Surrendering the lot

'Billy Graham, already established in his ministry, felt frustrated and as if he was living at second best. At a conference, he  woke up another guest speaker in the middle of the night to talk over his difficulties. This speaker was Edwin Orr, a famous historian of revival. As Graham expressed his hunger for 'deeper blessing', Orr told him it came 'by way of surrender'. Orr probed Graham: 'Have you surrended your will, emotions, intellect?'

Graham went out alone that night into the woods. There was one issue which he knew was holding him back- he had an issue that needed to be put to death. After deep wrestlings, he surrendered this  issue to The Lord. He returned saying that he had been filled afresh with the Spirit of God and had received a vision for his ministry. A revival shortly followed him to Los Angeles, and his new-found power and authority astounded all'

'More' by Simon Ponsonby, Page 81

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