Saturday, November 30, 2013

Saturday blog-sweep

In the Telegraph The C of E and gay blessings and Cranmer offers a view. Thomas Creedy has written 'A Brief Guide to the Pilling Report'

Related to Pilling here is an excellent new website called 'Living out'

'The Bible' starts tonight on Channel Five @ 9pm. I will be recording it!

New film 'Son of God' trailer

I came across Solo for the first time this week through my pal Gary. You can read his incredible story in 'Life Change'.

Does your Facebook rant 'Honor everyone'?

10 reasons why evangelicals should read St Francis

10 psychological studies every parent should know

Recalibrate: Be who you are

8 things really efficient people do

John Gray on Malcolm Gladwell

I am reading The Call to Resurgence and here is TSK on the hoo ha about it.

A new wardrobe door into the life of C S Lewis (check out Alister McGrath's talk)

Must I read my Bible every day?

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