Monday, August 05, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. What drives writers to drink

2. Welby says 'conversion was like having measles'

3. Monogamy and human evolution

4. Be famous for not trying to be famous

5. I am enjoying James's new blog called 'I write what I like

6. Tim Keller does Q & A on twitter

7. Rachel Held Evans and Trevin Wax on 'Why millenials are leaving the church'

8. I spent last week listening to Jay Pathak who is a terrific fellow. I am now going to read his book called 'The Art of Neighbouring' . He does seem to have a typo on the cover which must be a blow :)

9. I wonder if Sunday school is destroying our kids

10 'Some of why I preach' and 'Confessions of a leadership junkie'

The words of this song are digging deep into me currently

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