Friday, August 16, 2013

For the pod: I decided to go

'We are not changed by the promises we make to God but by those he makes to us'

Craig Groeschl

I happened upon this excellent talk by Craig Groeschl who spoke at Willow Creek a few weeks ago. He planted and created the Youversion app. In some of my summer posts I have been trying to encourage myself (and hopefully you) to a greater level of faith.

The two questions at the end of this sermon will, if you ask them and work them through, initiate that.

These are:

1. What does God want you to want?

2. What step of faith do you need to take in order to want what God wants?

In answering both these some of you may write a very different story for your life than the one you've written thus far.

I pray it is so.


Norman Ramsden said...

You have published some really good "stuff" this summer, so far. If you don't mind me calling it stuff. Just at the moment I am appreciating Simon Ponsonby's book "God is for Us".

David Cooke said...

Thanks Norman.

I'm really glad you are enjoying Simon's book. He'll be encouraged.