Tuesday, August 06, 2013

For the pod: Dangerous leaders

Sometimes you come across a talk that fires up the boiler anew (2 Timothy 1:6). This one by Bill Hybels did that for me. He only really has one talk but it always drips of his passion for Jesus and his church.

The summer break is always a good time to take a morning or even a day (as I am about to) and reflect on how dangerous you are as a leader. Dangerous in a positive sense and dangerous in the negative way that he describes so vividly.

Here's a few general questions that came to me as I listened:
  • How is my prayer life and time alone with God?
  • How much am I comparing myself and my church with others?
  • How much time am I spending in the Scriptures?
  • What things that I used to do when I was more dangerous have I stopped doing? When was the last time I shared the gospel with someone and spoke of Jesus to them?
  • What things lie under the surface that could sink me or am I in denial of (the Tiger Woods illustration bears some reflection knowing what we all now know)
  • What goal is most important to me?
  • What things distract me most?
  • Am I keeping still keeping a record of the things God has done and is doing in my journal?
  • How attentive am I to the care of both my body and my mind?
  • Who and what feeds me and who and what drains me and how am I managing these two taps?
  • How is my personal reading and how many books have I read this year and what did I learn from them? Have I stopped reading?
  • How is my marriage?
  • How are my kids?
  • How much risk am I taking in my decisions and for the cause of the gospel?
  • Who am I investing in to grow and encourage leaders into order to multiply their kingdom impact?
  • Have I re-evaluated and re-calibrated the cost I am prepared to bear for Christ and his call on my life?
  • How is my rest and my fun and my time-out?
There is also quite a helpful grid that lays out the key points of the talk and might be worth some time journalling out. I really hope listening to this is a blessing to some readers and that it fires your heart anew. You may also want to read '10 ways to raise the spiritual temperature of your church.' I am praying for many of you to find fresh purpose and fire from the content of this talk over the summer.  

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