Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday blog sweep

Vicky Beeching on Cameron's terrible advice on cyber-bullying.

An interesting interview with Maria Popova via Jesus Creed. It includes the wonderful Annie Dillard quote 'A life spent reading- that is a good life'

12 Myths about Calvinism

This is far worse than the fiction of Jaws

Ten tips to overcome discouragement

Matt Perman is blogging 'The Willow Leadership Summit' and I am mulling on Henry Cloud's wisdom.

Dangerous calling is worth checking out and anyone in ministry would do well to read Tripp's big idea, as quoted, and reflect on it long and hard. I certainly am.

Piper and Keller reveal the influence of  C S Lewis on their lives

If you want to plant a church (or lead one) some have the expectation you might have read some books (I do enjoy a book list).

Two for twenty

Hope for difficult churches

Becoming a great commission Christian.

I love this BA ad....

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