Monday, January 21, 2013

Ten things for a Monday

1. Steve Furtick has a word for church planters. I owe him a lot. If you haven't read Fresh wind fresh fire you should. He's coming to speak at this. His church is blessing amazingly and he probably got these 'Eight reasons' right.

2. I've been listening to Endless years and Jesus Culture Live in New York

3. The iTunes audiobook transformed my pal from a non-reader into a voracious one. He started with Courageous Leadership and has not stopped reading since. Recently he was blown away by 'The Screwtape letters'. He listens on a bicycle in the gym.

4. A morning away in January for you and you husband/wife (if you have one) to reflect on Running with the witnesses could only do you good. Take a bible, a journal and find some silence and solitude.

5. Chapter two of Deep and Wide made my friend blub.

6. I've written my Vision for our church and it took me all night until the sun came up. If half of it comes into being it will be a miracle. There seems to me no point in having a small vision. A vision is picture of what could be and should be.

7. Driscoll's first talk from his series on Ephesians made my friend cry.

8. Nine things about Martin Luther King as it's his day.

9. Every so often I watch one of the testimonies from 'I am second'.

10. Jamie Munson tweeted this: 'Worry and anxiety often come from not having a plan. Put a plan together and your outlook on life looks more manageable'

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