Saturday, January 05, 2013

No looking back

"Most Christians can give a number of reasons why they cannot or should not disciple other people: "I don't feel called to minister. "I just have too much on my plate right now; I don't have time to invest in other people." "I don't know enough." "I have too many issues of my own. I'll start once I get my life in order"

As convincing as these excuses may seem to us, Jesus's commands don't come with exception clauses. He doesn't tell us to follow unless we're busy. He doesn't call us to love our neighbours unless we don't feel prepared. In fact, if you read Luke 9:57-62, you'll see several individuals who gave excuses for why they couldn't follow Jesus at the time. Read the passage and take note of how Jesus responded to them. It may surprise you."

Francis Chan

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Unknown said...

Hi Dave, hope the church plant is going well. Been trying to follow your progress.

A great quote. It can feel to me that sometimes our role is more Cheer Leader than Church Leader. However, when you see people take that risk through a Kingdom perspective, it warms the soul! I guess our task is to keep 'lowering the bar' without diluting the call for sacrifice. Hm!