Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What happens at communion?

I was trying to explain to my church planting team what Catholics (and Anglo-Catholics) believe about communion. I am no expert , being some have observed, rather low-church. It was a flying education for them in doctrine, the Reformation and church history and by the end of it they all looked utterly confused. To be honest so was I.

This morning I read How a sixteen year old explained the sacraments to her Catholic interrogator in 1554 and I found it absolutely fascinating and splendidly timely.


Steve Martin said...

We believe that in Communion, we receive the body and blood of Christ.

We believe this because Jesus said, "this IS my body, this IS my this..."

He commanded us to do it and her never commands us to do anything where He will not be present in it, for us.

We believe we are receiving the pure gospel. The forgiveness of sins, life, and salvation. Each time we receive it.

We believe, unlike the Catholics, that it is pure gift, from Him, to us.

And unlike the Catholics, we don't claim to know that Christ is really present. (the Catholics believe that the bread and wine actually transform and turn into Jesus' body and blood.)

We believe that the Lord ids in, under, and with that Word of promise and the bread and the wine.

We being Lutherans.


David Cooke said...

Thanks Steve. Interesting.

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