Sunday, September 02, 2012

The Missionary Heart

A friend of mine is in the wilderness spiritually and we chatted about those times we all have that we feel like quitting on Jesus.

I was reminded of this amazing letter written by a 38 year old missionary who was killed and decided to keep on following Jesus whatever the cost or difficulty. It's humbling stuff. The letter had been left with her pastor to be read to her church in the event of her death.

Dear Pastor, You should only be opening this in the event of death. When God calls there are no regrets. I tried to share my heart with you as much as possible, my heart for the nations. I wasn’t called to a place; I was called to Him. To obey was my objective, to suffer was expected, His glory my reward, His glory my reward …. THE MISSIONARY HEART
Cares more than some think is wise Risks more than some think is safe Dreams more than some think is practical Expects more than some think is possible
I was called not to comfort or to success but to obedience …. There is no Joy outside of knowing Jesus and serving Him. I love you and my church family. In His care, Salaam, Karen

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