Wednesday, September 26, 2012

4/14 Window

I went to St Mellitus on Monday to support our youth intern and hear about her degree course in Theology and  Youth ministry.

It was also interesting to hear about the changes to theological training and the proposal that Durham University is to be the sole validation partner for all academic work.

For those interested in leadership St Mellitus are now offering a one-year MA in Christian Leadership. This might be good for anyone feeling called to take an influencing role as a Christian in any sphere
of public life (media, politics, business, the arts, science or the church). It's worth thinking of anyone you know (or maybe it's you?) who may be blessed by this.

While I was spending a day thinking about children and young people with Jess a friend asked me:

"Have you heard about the '4/14 window' Initiative' with young people?"

I hadn't but I have now and so have you and you can read more about this movement on their website.

Just watching the film will give you a passion to see children and kids released into empowered leadership and discipleship and our job is surely to enable this.

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