Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Prayer: The Real Battle

Someone today recommended a book called 'Prayer: The Real Battle' to me. They said they had only read the first chapter and already they feel utterly humbled and challenged.

Here are the words from the first page:

'The Book of Acts is filled with prayer meetings; every forward thrust the first church made was immersed in prayer. Take another look at the church at Pentecost. They prayed ten days and preached ten minutes and three thousand were saved. Today we pray ten minutes and preach ten days and are ecstatic if anyone is saved'

Ronald Dunn

It's an Open Door publication and is only £2 and 48 pages long.

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Liz said...

It is indeed a brilliant little book - full of gems, challenge and inspiration.

Erin's got my copy at the mo and I've been meaning to order more to give away!

You can phone Open Doors on 01993 777300 to order a copy (or 10 ;) )