Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Three of Seven

I am not sure they are related but here are three things that warrant a mid-week flag-up:

1. The Trinity: There can only be a few Christian's who haven't spent some time getting their heads around this one. It's a crucial doctrine. I was always told that managing to think up a sermon illustration for the Trinity is always destined to end in heresy. Surprisingly, this discussion between Carson, Keller and Piper is utterly void of mentions of water, steam and ice........

2. Liberalism: If you take an interest in matters C of E you will know that we like debating things in synods and passing resolutions with lots of clauses and sub-clauses. We then go into recess (code for no-one wants to make a decision) and reconvene a few months later and get another whack of hotel bills that the church commissioners can ill-afford. All the while the churches mission is being ignored.

The Episcopal Church in the US has just had one of these and they decided to approve a liturgy for same-sex blessings which is interesting. This is clearly not driven by tradition or Scripture so it must I assume be passed by reason. Whether God also approves and agrees with the reasoning is a matter of some debate across the water and that depends on how you view the Bible- among other things. This resolution has precipitated an article in the NYT entitled 'Can liberalism be saved?'. You should read it and the responses that have ensued. It's the debate of our times. In all the pieces, I thought the comment by Rachel Held Evans that stated 'I believe in the physical resurrection of Jesus' as the mark of her evangelicalism was absolutely fascinating. Is this not surely the mark of her Christianity? If you don't believe in the resurrection what exactly are you believing in? You should read all these responses and take some time to reflect on them. This is an article of some consequence it seems to me.

3. Seven Habits: I was sad to hear of the death of Covey. If you haven't heard of him or read him you may not be alive but if in fact you are you should take 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' on holiday. It is the backbone of any management course you will ever go on (and believe you me I have been on more than a few in my time). For me, the most important habit has been 'Sharpen the saw' but I am sure you have your favourite and in many ways without that habit you probably wouldn't have this blog. David Keen reflects here as does the Harvard Business Review here.

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