Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday blog-sweep

The real problem with these families is that they are poor

I believe the ulterior motive is the demonisation of the poor, with the aim, in the long run, of simply slicing off these families at the bottom of what we think of as "society". Thereafter, terms like "fairness" and "empathy" and "all in this together" can be bandied around pretty freely, because the evidence of their extinction will no longer exist. The problem families won't count – because they severed the social contract with their criminality and un-neighbourliness.

Dealing with difficult people

There are some folks, that no matter what, will react negatively to any and every idea, proposal or change. In a certain way, these folks can be helpful. We all need people who can look down the road and help us avoid some of the pitfalls. But mostly, without redirection, the reflexively oppositional are a drain our emotions, progress, and morale. As a leader, you need to know that the reflexively oppositional exist; they will curtail and undercut any opportunities for growth and development and then ultimately blame the leader when things don’t get better. If one thing is true about the reflexively oppositional, it’s that nothing is ever their fault. 

Top ten theological books that shaped my life

I love to make top ten lists.  Neurotically so.  I’ve been doing it since I was a kid.

Where was God when I'm hurting?

After a few short years on earth, years often filled with struggle and pain, I believe God’s plan is that we will spend all of eternity in that other world where neither time nor sorrow lives, and none of these earthly struggles will have any ultimate significance, except perhaps how we used them to more deeply 
commune with God and with each other.

21 things they don't tell you about church planting

People you think will be supportive often aren't, and people you don't think will be supportive often are.

Piper and Keller on Sanctification

Pastor you must fight for the time to read

My bucket leaks, even when it is not pouring. My spirit does not revive on the run. Without time of unhurried reading and reflection, beyond the press of sermon preparation, my soul shrinks, and the specter of ministerial death rises. Few things frighten me more than the beginnings of barrenness that come from frenzied activity with little spiritual food and meditation.

Three important questions to keep your church on mission

  • In the past week, how have you done life with other followers of Jesus? [Community]
  • In the past week how have you been a blessing to the world?[Mission]
  • In the past week, what has God been teaching you through prayer, scripture and worship? [Discipleship]
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