Thursday, July 05, 2012

Can't do it alone

1. If Gideon has taught me anything in the last year it's that Christian leadership is having confidence in God and what's more God having confidence in me. I am having as much trouble getting my head around that as Gideon did. God has confidence in his sons and daughters.

2. I watched a film with friends that is as good as any I have watched in ages. It's called 'Moneyball'. It moved me. Been deeply pondering the line and lyrics from this beautiful song that say '...can't do it alone'.

3. I recommended 'When revival tarries' to a friend and they read a passage out loud to me in our church office. If you are a preacher and you haven't read it it might explain why people haven't been saved in greater number through you and I. Stunning book. You've got to love the word 'Unction'...

This is what was read to me:

'Brethren, we could well manage to be half as intellectual if we were twice as spiritual. Preaching is a spiritual business. A sermon born in the head reaches the head. A sermon born in the heart reaches the heart. A spiritual preacher will under God produce spiritually-minded people. Unction is not a gentle dove beating her wings against the bars outside of the preacher's soul; rather she must be pursued and won. Unction cannot be learned, only earned by prayer. Unction is God's knighthood for the soldier-preacher who has wrestled in prayer and gained the victory. Victory is not won in the pulpit by firing intellectual bullets or wisecracks, but in the prayer closet. The meeting is won or lost before the preacher's foot enters the pulpit. Unction is like perfume. Unction is like dynamite. Unction comes not by the medium of the bishop's hands, neither does it mildew when the preacher is cast into prison. Unction will pierce and percolate. It will sweeten and soften. When the hammer of logic and the fire of human zeal fail to open the stony heart, unction will succeed.'

4. Someone gave me Future grace yesterday and told me to read it. They also listened to 'In whom I am well pleased' and it made them weep.

5. I read a quote recently that I have not been able to shake off.

'It's not what you've been saved from that matters it's what you've been saved for'

You were saved for something. That's pretty exciting don't you think? Pray about your 'for' and the Lord will show you and lead you to walk in it.

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