Saturday, June 09, 2012

Saturday blog-sweep

Only a few things today:

1. Great rockumentary on Punk

2. The new Anthony Beevor book

3. The new Keller book called Centre Church

4. Why you should read fiction.

5. Volf on Forgiveness

6. Letter from a 13 year old asking how to go deeper in the Bible and if you feel your Bible-reading has become stale, non-existent or is just in need of a life-giving/sapping MOT then this sermon called 'The Word of God is at work in you'  tells you the 'How?' and 'Why?' of the letter.

'You are right to read it every day and seek to let it permeate all your thoughts and feelings. When Paul says it is all inspired by God and that it is profitable so that you will be equipped for every good work, I believe he means that even the parts that are hard to read, or even sometimes confusing, will in the long run have an effect on your mind and your soul that will shape you into the kind of woman who can stand strong all your life for Jesus, and sniff out the errors of the world, and love all that is truly good and beautiful.'

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Steve Martin said...

Great list!

Thanks a lot!

Saturday blog-sweep

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