Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prayer makes 'no difference overall'

The Guardian reports 'This Christian was lucky not to be struck off':

One of the most authoritative scientific studies comes from a Christian organisation. Just last year Leanne Roberts [DDO], from the Southwark diocesan office, published a scholarly assessment of the power of prayer. Together with colleagues, she evaluated a number of research trials which involved nearly 8,000 patients. There was no difference overall in recovery from illness or death, whether subjects were prayed for or not.

Readers may like to read the Prayers for the sick in the Book of Common Prayer and I would encourage them to be prayed with faith.

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Anonymous said...

Quelle Suprise?

Since when was belief in the power of prayer, or for that matter belief in Scripture's veracity, or commitment to the Creeds' centrality, or pursuit of a purity of life ever a requirement for the ordained ministry in the CofE? Sure, I know, clerics make vows n such like at their ordination and induction, but come on, can we really expect such things of our clergy?