Friday, June 29, 2012

For the pod: Loved

'You can be straight as a gun barrel theologically and just as empty as one spiritually'

A W Tozer 

I have been away on retreat for a week. I have much to reflect on and share but that's for another time.

I know I am sometimes given to banging on about things (I like to think it's enthusiasm :) and often tell you that you HAVE TO listen or read or watch something but I really mean it today. I wouldn't wonder if there's a better talk you will ever listen to on the love of the father than 'In whom I am well pleased' (5/6/12). I listened to it a while ago and then did so again yesterday on a long car journey with a Vicar pal and we concluded this may very well change the way you/I/we see lots of things. As is said in the talk:

"This is the whole ballgame"

Jonathan Martin is funny, winsome, profound, relaxed, pentecostal, creative, broken, humble and if I lived nearer (and didn't have my own) I would want to attend his church.

You should add him to your podcasts.

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