Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to get a bit sorted out for 2012

If you are like me the New Year is a bit of a time of resolution and sort out. We all tend to have fresh  intentions to get things done.

I am covering a Sabbatical at my Church, doing some part time study at St Mellitus and planning a church plant so I used the time between Christmas and New Year to have a bit of an organisational overhaul.

1. Getting things done

This is about getting a process in place to capture all the things you need to do. Reading Getting things done is helpful or you could alternatively read these posts on productivity.

You no doubt have the plague of email to deal with and also have snail mail. I can't describe how helpful it has been the read this called How to get your email inbox to zero every day. This is the simple principle of only having three categories for your email:

1. Answer
2. Hold
3. Read

There is similarly helpful advice on How to get the mail

There is also a post on How to set up your desk

2. Getting things sorted

A couple of friends have been heavily evangelising me about Evernote. At last I have now got myself Evernoted thanks to Michael Hyatt's superb set of posts called How to organise for maximum efficiency- check out all the related other posts. It is well worth the time and effort to work through this and comprehend the power of this amazing application. One point of note - you don't need to buy a scanner you can simply use 'Scan-drop' and then you can achieve the thing we all hope for which is paper-less-ness.

Hope that's a help folks and especially for those of us who want to spend less time doing email, filing and paperwork and more time talking to people about Jesus and making disciples.

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Mila said...

Great summary of the Inbox Zero topic. Here is one app I found, build for Inbox Zero and GTD.
Let e know if you try it out - https://flow-e.com/blog/email-productivity/email-management-best-practices-at-work/