Saturday, January 14, 2012

For the pod: The church is the hope of the world

I remember where I was when I first heard Bill Hybels preach about his passion for the church. His phrase 'The church is the hope of the world' has been with me ever since. I had missed him coming to speak at our church in the early 1990's (something of a theme sadly at the time) but I listened to him later on a cassette in my car. If there is one man alive who has an ability to a caste vision possibly better than anyone else then it might be Hybels. He is in tears by the end of this talk, as I nearly was as I drove up the M3 this morning. If you want a reminder of what it is we are all supposed to be doing and a kick to get on and do it then listen to this.

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Andrew and Hannah said...

Thanks for this David. As a church, we are about to start Bill Hybels "Just walk across the room" book and small group studies. We shall listen to this preach this week, thanks! Hannah and Andy