Monday, May 31, 2010

Why I blog

Recently someone shared with me their passion for writing. They love to write and what's more they have been brave enough to actually put some words down on paper in the hope of being published. I listened to this brilliant talk on creative writing to help me understand the writing process better. I have a number of friends facing the challenge of getting themselves published and a few more should, in my opinion, be published but have not got around to writing anything. The solution for them is I guess just to start writing something. One book you might want to check out that I haven't read but that is always quoted as the seminal text for writers is Stephen King 'On Writing'. You should also watch this truly amazing talk called Nurturing creativity.

A while ago I wrote a post called 'Why Blog?' and encouraged people to start a blog. One person to my knowledge has done so which has got me pondering not least the reality that a. People think blogging is a waste of time which I already know b. Few read this blog. The latter I know is the reality and after hundreds of posts I know of about 11 people who have ever visited here. That is a pathetically small writing vs reading return isn't it? In truth, I have no means of knowing who reads this blog and no idea if anyone has ever visited.

Here are a few reasons I keep going:

1. To share things that I discover: I love to read, to listen to music, to hear talks, to read thoughtful blog posts, to share learning, to understand culture and to tentatively study theology. These various things I discover end up on here. Two things I have enjoyed recently are reading Wild Goose Chase and listening to a great album by The tallest man on earth called Shallow Grave. His song called the Gardener is really wonderful- Bob Dylan meets Ray Lamontagne.

2. To discover new things: Stephen Covey's great book has as his 7th Habit one called 'Sharpen the saw' and the blogosphere has been for me one means by which this is able to happen. A life changing book that I read many years ago (not discovered as it happens on a blog) was Finishing Strong and the resources I glean from the blogoshere is one way I hope this may happen for me and as many I can pull along with me.

3. To encourage others and help them follow Jesus: A couple of dear friends have written to me recently sharing the encouragement they have received from the blog. One attends a very dry village church and he says the bits and bobs I post keep him running the race and are 'a lifeline'. Another friend mailed me yesterday and is reading Crazy love and is aflame with the love of Jesus and renewed in her passion to share her faith. I am much encouraged. The great thing about only having eleven readers is I know you all by name and I pray for you.

4. To share a few things I have learnt: What do you think is the question God is going to ask you? It might be "How did you get on?" and your reply might rightly be a slightly confused "With what?" - my career, my acquisition of things, my status and qualifications, my reputation? No. How did you get on at making and encouraging a disciple or two as followers of Jesus. That is the purpose of life and the best selling book in the world is worth 40 days of your time to flesh out how this works. To make a few followers of Jesus, to see them baptised and to help them to do the things Jesus commanded each of us to do. That is life. That's why Francis Chan's talk has impacted me so much. This blog can I hope in a very small way help this happen.

A movie I love is called Pay it forward which explores the idea of passing forward the good things we receive. So today I have one request- if you have been encouraged, discovered something new, read a book mentioned here or been blessed in a tiny way then why not point someone here. Post a link to Cookiesdays on your blog, your facebook page, send a email to a few people, send a link it to your pastor or someone in ministry or tell a friend you think might find some encouragement here.

Thank you my dear eleven readers I intend to keep at it- at least for the time being.


Mark said...


: )

Pip said...

great, been meaning to ask for ages if I can pass it on so just have! keep going, I just love your blog x

Tim Bustin said...

Cookie, your blog has been a lifeline to NZ too. Both Kaye and I enjoyed both Francis Chan's HTB talk, and 'the Beam', Sir Ken Robinson at TED, and you put me on to the Rend Collective Experiment. Keep it up, it's a GREAT blessing! Would be grt to catch up on skype. What's your address? Cheers, Tim

David Cooke said...

Thank you dear friends. It is interesting that the most encouragement comes from you who are all the furthest away (Aus, NZ and Switzerland and another friend in Canada).

It is so good to know you have been blessed and I will try and keep it coming. Tim I will skype soon and actually I need to skype you all

Pax and love


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