Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I meet every Wednesday with a bunch of great guys early to pray and then we have breakfast. Today, my friend was speaking about how this documentary on Matisse made him and his wife cry. He is an artist so that might just be him :) but I think I might watch it. It is part of the modern masters series.

Two other thing I have watched recently are the excellent documentary by Stephen Fry on Wagner and this rockumentary about Neil Young.

Challies book review says that this biography of Bonhoeffer may be the best thing we read all year.

Fail fast is the advice.

Three strands of biblical prayer

How and why to use a feedreader.

The Church Mouse with news of my former bishop causing a stir with his thought for a day and some depressing stats on UK church attendance.

If you enjoyed Sir Ken here is an older and just a good talk to TED on creativity (very, very funny)

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