Thursday, May 27, 2010

Am I boring?

I am happy to announce that today is my birthday. Now, when I was 7 this was a truly marvellous event. I can still recall the thrilling moment of unwrapping my action man tank as a occasion of true childhood wonder. Here's my problem-when people ask me what do you want for your birthday I genuinely can't think of anything (except an iPad which comes out tomorrow so feel free to buy me one-I will be very happy).

So what did I ask for?  Well I have always wanted one of those suitcases on wheels and I watched this hilarious (I am sure he didn't think it was funny but it is if you are English-trust me) and thought "I'll get one of those". It has just arrived and I am having terrific fun wheeling it about our church office and enthusing about it to anyone who will listen.  They think I am insane.

I think I really am now very very dull.


Mark said...


Come visit me.

Oh and your link on the 'How Do I know I'm a Christian' post doesn't work.

JG said...

Whoop! It's your birthday!

Wheely suitcase... great fun. Are you thinking of your next holiday perchance? i'm excited for you. Enjoy your wheels.

Have a gr-eat day. Laters.

Rodney Olsen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have an amazing day. Have fun with your new luggage. :)

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