Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I took a funeral today of a woman I did not know. One of the mourners on leaving said "Thank you for not being pompous, holier than thou and religious like they usually are and for telling us how to get to heaven". I have to say I left much encouraged.

This talk on suffering was really helpful and timely for me after the last week as was the story of the storm

Michael Hyatt is a man who has definitely thought about his travel luggage!

Gordon Brown's resignation speech was moving.

C S Lewis on three kinds of men.

Kester has written another book called Other

My friend is fighting everything not to buy an Ipad which is now on pre-order and here is a geek fest for him on using one. He will  probably also like this Kindle vs Ipad test.

The same friend is convinced the Iphone is the one Jesus would use- great stuff.

The idea of a technology basket.

Off to a wedding this weekend (unusually these days not doing it but as a Best Man-pray for my, as yet, not very hilarious speech) and have to say I am rather wishing I had Michael Hyatt to help me with my chaotic packing!

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