Tuesday, February 09, 2010

R C Sproul on 'still looking for Joseph's pants'

R C Sproul is a man I had known about for some time but last year I finally got around to reading his book 'The Holiness of God'.

This is, as this post suggests, a classic book and has, as I recall, an excellent section on the story of Martin Luther among other things. I came across R C Sproul again when Driscoll interviewed him and then again a couple of weeks ago speaking about his views on 'seeker-friendly' church. It is this final thing, a panel Q & A with Ravi Zac and Al Mohler, that has prompted this post on him when he uses the line "Looking for Joseph's pants". I suspect he and Bill Hybels may not exchange Christmas cards as Bill has a different view:) Here's the thing, I read and watch all sorts of stuff in any given week, but of all these things this week I have been pondering Sproul's thought. His views just won't leave me and I wonder if you might find yourself pondering these things too.

A ponder every now and then is a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, David

Thanks so much for the mention. I've been enjoying your posts, too.

Good to read that you also had a marketing career. Shall look forward to reading more from you.

God bless you in your ministry.