Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This interview with Ray Gosling is quite something.

So many of my fellow clergy (Ordained in the C of E under the 39 articles) seem not to believe in the existence of Hell. Liberal sensibilities find this reality very hard to handle and yet so often cite the need for a concern about justice. The two go together surely? Perhaps I should read this book for some better insight and understanding.

As it happens, Out of Ur has been posting films by Piper, Tom Wright and Keller on Hell and while you are there check out Rob Bell on preaching.

Challies is annoyed that McClaren denies Hell, among many other things, in his review of A new kind of Christianity.

Everywhere I go people are reading Twilight. Doug Wilson has some thoughts.

What makes a leader is a good post and I am looking forward to the book Leaders who last. In the last month I have heard of two people who have given up ministry through stress and defeat. This nearly happened to Piper who writes about How I almost quit.

Finally, here are some crazy people.

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