Saturday, April 18, 2009


I am back from a break staying near Dorchester and enjoyed a visit to the Tolpuddle Martyrs museum. I think I am the last to hear of Susan Boyle on Britain's got talent but if you missed it read and watch this. Heart-warming stuff. I enjoyed reading the Saturday Times this morning in which David Baddiel recommended a novel that made him cry on the tube. 

A N Wilson says he believes again which is good and he also writes an interesting article in the Daily Mail. I enjoyed reading Tom Wright in the Times over Easter.

I have also been enjoying an episode or two of the Speaker on BBC 2 and going to try and catch the Narnia code.

Rowan Williams suggests Sentamu for Canterbury and a thought-provoking Easter message which may be worth three minutes to watch here.

This post put me on to the splendid Sir Ken Robinson speaking at TED on education and creativity. Should I have heard of him which I hadn't? Anyway, watching him at TED had me laughing out loud and thinking in equal measure and I might read his book called Element: How finding passion changes everything even though the reviews seem a bit mixed.

A thought on developing family traditions and a suggestion of four important changes for churches. A book I have been greatly blessed by is the 'Heart of a servant leader' , read it's story here.

Martin Luther says as a means of staving off the Devil have a drink..

A Keller podcast on planting and movements

5 P's for ministry

If you are a fan of journaling you might like to check out the ESV Journaling bible which is moleskine meets the word of God.

Drove to Norfolk and listened to this teaching on Proverbs which is worth listening to as a primer and Driscoll has a good church history book to recommend and also has some thoughts on Spiritual Gifts

The book Unfashionable is getting lots of press.

Finally a rather depressing piece of journalism on the state of Britain. News too of the importance of church slipping.

I am writing a 5000 word essay this week so am planning to have my head in my books.

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Anonymous said...

If you liked Susan Boyle, you really need to see this!