Thursday, April 23, 2009

5503 words and holiday over...

Quite a few people have discovered the Narnia Code through the blog. Always good when a few get blessed and enjoy the things I recommend. 

Today, I heard on the radio that the Orwell prize for political writing has been given for the first time to a blog. It is called Night Jack and is an anonymous blog written by a serving policeman. Also nice to see a book about fishing (oh and politics in Sweden..) as the winner. 

I wonder if cookiesdays will ever win a prize? Not likely I fear. By the way, I always mention my three readers (you know who you are and one of them is a policeman so he will like today's post about a fellow bobby blogger) As a celebration of my Narnia post I am advancing my estimate of readers to four!

Down the line on Radio 4 about the credit crunch made me laugh out loud in the car. It is written by the fast show crew.

If you are in a time of suffering this will encourage you. I listened to this talk by Keller on Job. I have just finished reading Job and was not entirely clear what it was all about (Fourth time and still not getting it) but then I was heartened to hear that Keller didn't get it either the first few times he read it. If he doesn't get it is OK for me to be a simpleton! Phew.  Amazing and encouraging.

My essay writing album was this wonderful creation by Rosie Thomas. 

Like this quote and book recommendation

Having just got back from holiday we all need to watch, as suggested here, for burnout

Gospel Coalition conference is underway and Keller, Driscoll and others are speaking. Talks will be available- Here

Did I mention my essay is done. Praise be! I have answered the question "What is a missional community and how are they created. A practical experiment" and based it on 'Live Life'. Not sure anyone is that interested but I have learnt a few things. A couple of the many books I read were Evaluating fresh expressions which is just out and the excellent The shaping of things to come. If you read just one book on the missional church this is not a bad starter. Also this is an excellent primer from J R Woodward

Live life tonight-looking forward to it.

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