Monday, April 27, 2009

Karis Kids and loving God

A few things from the weekend. We have started a series on prayer and it should be a good one and had a fantastic talk on Number 6 and what it means to be blessed by God. 

Our involvement with Karis Kids and the families in a slum in Kampala is underway. There was lots of excitement and expectation as families are being linked together. DO WATCH THE FILM we made of Trevor and Becky's trip in February it will tell you what this is all about. 

I am always going on about reading the scriptures. I am encouraged that a friend says that since she started using For the Love of God (the McCheyne method) her bible reading has been transformed. Not only is she loving it but she has told her friend and she is using it and loving it too. If you want some encouragement to dig into the word and its treasures then listen to this excellent talk in biblical mediation by Andy Davis at Mars Hill.

Talking of Mars Hill, a English couple came to church for the first time to hear their marriage banns read and are moving back to Richmond from Seattle. "Have you been going to  church?" I asked. "Yes, we have recently started going to a church pastored by this chap called Mark Driscoll. Have you heard of it?" 

Yes I replied. 

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