Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Faith, science and the kettle

In the Narnia Code the scientist Sir John Polkinghorne is interviewed. He is not only an eminent man of science but also an Anglican priest.  "What about science? is the question he was asked (see the side bar for John Lennox on this) and here is Polinghorne's answer which is so simple and I loved.

"Imagine a kettle boiling on a stove. The scientist can tell you much about it. What temperature the water will boil at, the interaction of atoms at different temperatures, the change in the nature of matter and many other interesting and important things. But what science can never discover is that that the kettle is on the stove so that you can have a cup of tea with a friend. That is the real reason the you are boiling the kettle and science can't, nor was it ever designed to, tell you that"

In the year where we are remembering Darwin, you might want a good book on science and I commend Dawkins God , alternatively you can watch McGrath and Dawkins in conversation here

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